Rules and Guidelines for this topic.

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Rules and Guidelines for this topic.

Post  romeojohn on Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:12 pm

This Forum is intended only as a meeting place for the purpose of letting your fellow members know of what you may wish to buy or sell.
For selling and buying photographic equipment and accessories only.
Please make it clear in the topic title whether you wish to BUY or Sell, and include a very brief description of the item.
EG.  For sale; Canon 7D Camera.   or   Wanted; Epson R2800 Printer.
Sellers may include the sale price they are offering.
No negotiation on price is to take place in these posts.
Buyers may ask about the specification and condition of the equipment offered for sale.
Interested parties should communicate privately in any transactions.
You are advised NOT to include your private phone numbers or email addresses in your posts.
Smethwick Photographic Society accepts no responsibility or liability for transactions taking place as a result of this forum.
Smethwick Photographic Society does not endorse authenticity or quality of any item offered for sale.
This Forum will be regularly monitored and any inappropriate posts will be deleted without consultation.

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