Text of email circulated in June

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Text of email circulated in June

Post  Mike Williams on Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:14 am

THis is the text of the email I circulated to club members back in June, for the Out and About Group.
Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone who has expressed an opinion on what they want from the
Out and About Group; Some people have spoken to me at the club and some of you
have sent me emails.

I’ve tried to collate your views, and it’s proving to be quite difficult as
there are quite a range of ideas coming forward. I have tried to group the
comments into themes below, to show the general ideas you are sharing with me.
This email is a summary of the main ideas that have been shared with me. I have
posted a number of ideas to the new Smethwick Forum to list the specific subject
ideas you have sent me - they are listed under "Outward Bound'.

Safety in numbers!
This is the most repeated comment. Many of us feel vulnerable to be out alone
with a camera, so the opportunity to be out with one or two others is very
popular. This comment has been made by men as much as women.

Small groups
The chance to go to an event with another photographer, rather than going alone
or with a non-photographer, is a popular view. Members want camaraderie whilst
taking their photos; it’s a hobby and part of our social lives!

Specialist events may not interest a large group of members, but there are
probably many events that will each appeal to a few members. The missing
element, is how to enable members to make their photographic interests known to
others within the club.
The Out and About Group should complement other Smethwick activities
There are a number of groups within Smethwick, and it is my view that we should
be looking to complement their activities here. I’m sure most members think the
same. Out and About is to be what is says; getting out and about in the local
area... taking photos.

A chance to get some great practice
The next popular theme revolves around opportunities to improve our photography
by sharing ideas with other members. Going out with other photographers of
different abilities and approaches, working in groups and planning an event with
others are all ideas that have been mentioned.
Encouraging less experienced members is another popular thought, which is
complemented by those members who would love to know how some of our experienced
photographers approach their subjects!
What happens next
I have been given a number of specific topics that members are interested in

I have posted these ideas onto the Forum so you can read more, and we will see
where that leads us. This is not a fully inclusive list, but just the ones that
have been mentioned so far. Please log into the Forum and make your photographic
interests know. As the ideas start to come forward we can start to bring the
photography to life.

If you don’t know how to log into the Forum, please ask! Here is the link to the
forum: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for those who haven't tried it yet.


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Out And About

Post  David Lloyd on Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:59 am

Mike, I am keen to get together with other member to go out and do some photography.
I love doing people pictures but I want to do other things as well.
I would joint a group doing - street - landscapes - night - buildings - any topic (like the Jewellery quarter one) - etc.
how does it happen? who do I need to talk to?
I can do weekdays or weekends.

David Lloyd

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