emailing competition entries with a MAC computer

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emailing competition entries with a MAC computer

Post  romeojohn on Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:48 pm

MAC users please note!
If you submit your competition entries using a MAC computer with the MAIL application the file names are changed when received by Roger on his windows machine and typically a file name like 01.abcd.jpg as requested by Roger becomes something like  lcid_44F907CD-8CB-44A6-B2C1-3199F7FB95AD when received by Roger.
The simplest way round this is to ZIP your files even if only one image; to do this select your images in Finder then right click and choose Compress items. This will then create an file in the same folder, you can rename this if you like but no need unless you have already got a file with this name. You then simply attach this file to your email in the usual way.
Hope this helps.
John Moore

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